Yasmeen Urdiales

Yasmeen Urdiales

Insurance Associate

Yasmeen Urdiales is a seasoned insurance professional with a wealth of experience in the financial industry. Beginning her career in 2019, Yasmeen honed her expertise in securities and life insurance during her tenure at MassMutual before joining the team at National Financial Alliance.

With a commitment to continuous learning and development, Yasmeen underwent rigorous training programs to acquire the in-depth knowledge and skills that define her current role as an Insurance Associate. In her capacity, she plays a pivotal role in supporting insurance agents by facilitating various aspects of the insurance process. This includes running quotes, submitting new business applications, tracking new business progress, coordinating exams, and securing policy issuances. Furthermore, Yasmeen remains a dependable resource for managing service changes and updates once policies are in effect.

Yasmeen's meticulous attention to detail serves as a cornerstone of her professional approach, instilling confidence in her agents and clients alike. Her dedication to accuracy and efficiency ensures that tasks are completed promptly and accurately, fostering a sense of security and trust among those she serves.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Yasmeen finds joy in spending quality time with her family, accompanying her dog to the dog park, and enjoying a good book. With her dedication to excellence and passion for her work, Yasmeen Urdiales continues to make a positive impact in the financial industry, earning the trust and respect of her colleagues and clients alike.