Jessica Llanas

Jessica Llanas

Business Relationship Manager II

Jessica Llanas has been an integral part of the financial industry since 2017, initially entering as a temporary employee through a staffing agency. Her journey commenced at American Funds in the Retirement Plan Department, where she underwent extensive training sessions that equipped her with invaluable knowledge.

Throughout her career, Jessica's dedication to expanding her understanding of the financial landscape has been evident through multiple contract extensions. In her current role as a Business Relationship Manager II, she plays a crucial role in supporting representatives with various client needs, including handling new accounts, account updates, and withdrawals.

As a seasoned professional, Jessica serves as a Business Relationship Manager which she excels in making calls to clients, fostering an environment where they feel at ease discussing and understanding the paperwork they are signing. The clientele she serves spans from those well-versed in investing to beneficiaries who may be navigating the financial realm for the first time.

Drawing from her own experiences of feeling intimidated by financial intricacies in the past, Jessica takes pleasure in sharing her knowledge. She enjoys demystifying complexities and ensuring that clients, regardless of their background, feel empowered to make informed decisions.

Jessica is known for her meticulous and dedicated approach to tasks, ensuring that each project is seen through from initiation to completion. Witnessing clients walk away with confidence in their financial decisions brings her a sense of accomplishment.

Committed to delivering excellence, Jessica continues her journey in the financial industry with an unwavering pursuit of knowledge and a genuine desire to positively impact her clients' financial journeys.