Grace Parsons

Grace Parsons

Administrative Assistant II

Grace Parsons is a dedicated and versatile professional currently serving as the Administrative Assistant at National Financial Alliance (NFA). She graduated with distinction from the University of Oklahoma in May 2021, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations. Grace's academic background in HR has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive community, and she is passionate about leveraging her skills to contribute positively to society.

Since completing her degree, Grace has honed her expertise through various roles in marketing and events. She has successfully managed diverse projects for non-profit organizations, restaurants, wedding venues, and more. Her hands-on experience in these dynamic environments has equipped her with a keen understanding of organizational needs and the ability to adapt to different sectors.

Joining the NFA team, Grace brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to efficiency and excellence. Her role as an Administrative Assistant involves supporting the smooth functioning of the office, ensuring effective communication, and facilitating the execution of both major conferences NFA holds annually.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Grace finds joy in attending live music shows, immersing herself in a good book, and exploring new destinations with her friends. Her enthusiasm for life and diverse experiences make her an invaluable asset to the National Financial Alliance, embodying a commitment to both personal growth and making a positive impact within the workplace and the broader community.